Pop bottle rocket

Alesa and Kiana

Alesa and I made a pop bottle rocket out of a pop

bottle, paper, cardboard, and water. Our rocket

 flew only 1.937 seconds. One of our fins fell off .

We put water in the rocket because we had to

even  out the weight of the card board. The secreat

to make it go hight is to put weight in your head cone .

It was pretty fun making our rocket and also launching it

what challenged me about the project?

The projected was very comfusing for me. I”m not  very good with computers so i was kinda complicated.When I tried to download the program it sometime didn’t work.That made me very mad.But I got over it and when I was donr I was succesful!!I learned how to download programs on a robot.Something I would do diferent would be work more on the robot.

lil bushcombiss:)))

I got my native american name when i was only 1 year old. It meansthat im a sneaky lil girl. i am very creative and funny. I love to draw and i love to listen to music. i admire lil wayne. i love his music.and im MSU all day….

P.S i love lil wayne<3<3